Projects that I've created

KDG Commons
Yet another library of utility classes, in the mold of Jakarta Commons. Created because I found myself rewriting the same classes over and over, and the adoption delay for submissions to Jakarta Commons is quite long.
Practical XML
Utility classes to enhance Java's default XML library. In addition to simple utility methods like “add a child and inherit parent's namespace,” provides a nice XPath wrapper and a library to convert between XML and a variety of other formats.
Extensions to Apache Commons BCEL. At the present time, this is focused on supporting annotations.
A tool for examining Java Web Applications to discover their URLs. Supports Spring 2, Spring 3 (annotation-driven), and basic servlets and JSPs.
A set of tools for examining and cleaning Maven POM files. See also the series of blog posts that I wrote in July and August of 2012.
Appenders for Log4J that support writing to multiple AWS destinations. Provides an alternative to “logging agents” that simply copy files (and which can lose messages as a result).