I enjoy eating and cooking, but was diagnosed with celiac disease in early 2008, and am coming to grips with the changes this is inflicting on the above. I gave away my sourdough culture, after keeping it going for over ten years. I actually felt sad doing so, even though I knew it went to a good home (it's gone to many good homes over the years, but this time I wasn't simply sharing).


Sourdough Bread

My recipe (and more important, process) for baking sourdough bread. Over the years, I've given my starter to friends, along with a printed sheet of instructions. Now that I have a website, I can just give them the URL. Now with photos.

Gluten-free Buckwheat Pancakes

A new addition to our breakfast repertoire, these pancakes use ground kasha (roasted buckwheat groats), yeast for leavening, and have an intense flavor and fabulous texture.

Ancho-Lime Grilled Salmon

A recipe for grilled salmon with an ancho-lime sauce. Even people that don't like salmon like this salmon.

Short Notes

Gluten-Free Beer

I've managed to cut almost all gluten out of my diet, but beer is the one think that hasn't gone. I rationalize that decision by noting that gluten is insoluble in water, therefore should not transfer from the mash to the wort. My next endoscopy will tell me if I'm just fooling myself … until then, I'll get hamburgers without buns, and drink Hefeweizen.

I have tried a few gluten-free beers. After trying Redbridge (brewed by Anheuser-Busch and not worthy of a link), I was ready to switch to wine … or something stronger. Then this weekend I tried a bottle of Green's “Quest” Tripel. I'm not sure when or how it appeared in the fridge, but if it came from a friend/houseguest, thank you again. It's brewed with a mixture of grains, and actually has flavor! A nice fruity start, and clean finish. And 8.5% alcohol, which means that it's for drinking at home.

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